Light Microscopy (JGM and Bar Harbor)

Overview of Services

The Microscopy Service provides access, training, and consultation supporting light microscopy technologies.
Service includes standard widefield microscopy, advanced fluorescent microscopy, live-cell imaging, screening assays, laser capture, image analysis, image deconvolution, bright field slide scanning, and 3D reconstruction services. We also provide assistance fir image analyses using the high-performance cluster maintained by IT. Available software packages installed on our free-to-use workstations comprise CellProfiler, ImageJ/Fiji, Matlab, Imaris-3D and Amira.

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Kevin Johnson, Associate Director

Oversight and Planning for Scientific Services

ext. 6190

Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

Facility Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm    

     Bldg 53, Room 1345 (Microscopy Suite)

     Bldg 1A, Room 1265 (In Vivo Imaging Suite)

     Bldg 1A, Room 1250 (Live-Cell/Plate Screening Suite)

Links and Resources

  1. Microscopy Homepage on My JAX
  2. Microscopy Assistance Request on My JAX
  3. Instrument Calendar


Name Role Phone Email Location
Philipp Henrich
Associate Director
ext. 1702
Bar Harbor
Qianru Yu
Imaging Specialist
ext. 2096 or ext. 2304
JGM- Farmington