Computational Services

Overview of Services

Computational Sciences (CS) supports The JAX's researchers and collaborators in the application of advanced computational and analytical approaches to complex, data-intensive biological problems; development of scientific software applications that facilitate access, visualization and sharing of data and algorithms with the scientific community; and development of new scientific projects and platforms to arrive at novel, relevant and interesting biological inferences. CS also works with JAX researchers and product managers to design, develop and operate integrative platforms essential for successful delivery of the JAX's research data and service products. In addition, CS provides support for grant applications; project planning & design; data movement & management; and consultation & training in scientific computing, bioinformatics and biostatistics.


Krish Karuturi, Director

ext. 6682


Gregg TeHennepe, Program Manager

ext. 6068


Joshy George, Associate Director, Genomic Medicine 

ext. 2423


Vivek Philip, Associate Director, Biostats & Technologies

ext. 6273


Govind Ramamoorty, Associate Director, Scientific Computing

ext. 2094

Location and hours of operation

   Hours    Location

   Monday- Friday


   Bar Harbor, ME

   Farmington, CT    

Links and Resources

  1. Computational Sciences on My JAX


Name Role Phone Email Location
Gregg TeHennepe
Program Manager
ext. 6068
Bar Harbor