Monoclonal Antibody

Overview of Services

The Monoclonal Antibody Service is managed by Associate Director Alan Sawyer and provides custom made monoclonal antibodies to novel, investigator-supplied antigens using advanced screening technologies and state of the art robotics.

The monoclonal antibody service is also engaged in developing technologies beyond state of the art by investigating the role of mouse genetics in the antibody response as well as developing new robotic workflows and integrating new devices into automation platforms
Our services include:

Antigen design, 3D protein modeling, peptide selection

Production of custom monoclonal antibodies using classical hybridoma technologies

Subcloning cell lines to monoclonality

ELISA service

Western blot service

Microarraying service – protein and DNA

Catalogue and tag antibodies

Scale-up: purified antibodies from 1mg to 1gram

Consultation on automating other processes and protocols


Sabin Antony

Research Associate

(207) 288-1707

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Facility Hours: 24/7

Staffed Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm M-F*

*Weekends available by arrangement 


600 Main St.

Bar Harbor, ME 04609



Name Role Phone Email Location
Sabin Antony
Research Associate
(207) 288-1707
Bar Harbor