Single Cell Biology

Overview of Services

The Single Cell Biology Laboratory (SCBL) is a multidisciplinary, research-driven core service at The Jackson Laboratory specializing in technologies to study cell and tissue biology at single-cell resolution.  Located in Farmington, CT, and Bar Harbor, ME, our services are available to JAX and UConn researchers through the JAX-UConn Shared Single Cell Genomics facility.


The SCBL strives to develop, validate, and make state-of-the-art single-cell and spatial technologies available to the JAX and UConn research community.  Our staff is highly experienced in single-cell isolation and tissue dissociation, cell capture, enrichment and isolation, molecular characterization, and the computational analysis of single-cell data sets.  As many of these technologies are dissociative, we employ a number of complementary spatial and in situ assays to interrogate cellular biology in its native microenvironment.  Moreover, to investigate the effects of perturbation on biological systems, we have established expertise in cellular model development---2D/3D cell lines, organoids, microtissues---and have developed a high-content cellular screening platform for high throughput imaging and biochemical characterization of models of interest.

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Elise Courtois

Director & Senior Research Scientist, CT


Bill Flynn

Associate Director, CT


Sandy Daigle

Sr. Cellular Specialist, BH


Jessica Grassmann

Cellular Biologist III, CT


Ahmed Said

Research Data Analyst I, CT


Allison McNeilly 

Cellular Biologist I, CT


Emily Soja

Cellular Biologist I, CT


Grace Frohock

Cellular Biologist I, CT


Greg Perry

Cellular Specialist, BH


Martine Seignon

Research Data Analyst II, CT


Paul Gabriel

Cellular Biologist II, CT


Santhosh Sivajothi

ASCRS-L - Associate Research Scientist, CT


Shruti Bhargava

ASCRS-O - Associate Research Scientist, CT

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location



Staffed Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm M-F

10 Discovery Dr.

Farmington, CT 06032


600 Main St.

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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  1. Single Cell Biology My Jax Site


Name Role Phone Email Location
Elise Courtois
(860) 837-2042
CT400 RM 2316
Bill Flynn
Associate Director
(860) 837-2364
CT400 RM 2315
Sandy Daigle
Bar Harbor Single Cell
(207) 288-6319
BH Blg 21 RM 2295