The Jackson Laboratory supports a variety of Scientific Services designed to assist the research efforts of our researchers and partners. These Scientific Services are operated by experienced personnel to provide researchers with access to a variety of specialized facilities and testing.

  • Center for Biometric Analysis
    • Metabolic Phenotyping (MEP)
    • Neurobehavioral Phenotyping (NBP)
    • Physiology and Cardiovascular Phenotyping (PCP)
    • Pre-Clinical Imaging (PCI)
  • Cellular Engineering
  • Clinical Chemistry Service
  • Computational Services
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry Service
  • Glassware
  • Histology Laboratory
  • JGM BioRepository
  • Light Microscopy (JGM and Bar Harbor)
  • Mass Spectrometry and Protein Chemistry
  • Monoclonal Antibody Protein Production (MAPP)
  • Research Necropsy Service
  • Single Cell Biology
  • Xenografting & Live Imaging Services


The iLab solution allows researchers to reserve time on devices or submit service requests to JAX cores that are setup to use the system. It also acts as a centralized billing system for the core services.


Your login is your email address OR your short alias ("jax\alias")

The password is your Jax network password


  • "" OR "jax\jdoe"

iLab Cores at The Jackson Laboratory

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
CBA Metabolic Phenotyping (MEP) Ansar Aman 207-288-1767
CBA Neurobehavioral Phenotyping (NBP) Zoe Bichler, PhD
CBA Physiology and Cardiovascular Phenotyping (PCP) Jack Jin 207-288-6043
CBA Pre-Clinical Imaging (PCI) Shanrong Zhang 207-288-6974
Cellular Engineering Justin McDonough, Ph.D. (860) 837-2402
Center for Biometric Analysis Jacqui White, PhD (207) 288-6021
Clinical Chemistry Service Lesley Bechtold 207-288-6322
Computational Services Gregg TeHennepe ext. 6068
Cyberinfrastructure David McKenzie (860) 837-2137
Electron Microscopy
Flow Cytometry Service
Genome Technologies - Sanger Sequencing Qingchang Meng (207) 288-1948
Glassware Jeff Forthofer Ext. 6275
Histology Laboratory
InVivo Flow Cytometry Heather Baker 916-664-5173
Light Microscopy (JGM and Bar Harbor) Philipp Henrich ext. 1702
Mass Spectrometry and Protein Chemistry Brian Hoffmann ext.1095
Monoclonal Antibody Sabin Antony (207) 288-1707
Monoclonal Antibody Protein Production (MAPP) Ruth Saxl 207-288-6206
Protein Production and Purification Service Ruth Saxl
Research Necropsy Service Mike McCluskey ext. 1494
Single Cell Biology Elise Courtois (860) 837-2042
Xenografting & Live Imaging Services Muneer Hasham 1437